Unique Custom Homes

After 25 years, we still have not met two people/families who wanted to build the exact same home, with the exact same specifications, on the exact same type of lot, and probably never will.

Every new home we have built is one of a kind. We’ve never met two families who wanted the same thing, and we’ve never built the same home twice. You are unique, and your home should be too.

We specialize in designing and building custom homes. With your input, we will design a home that is ideally suited to your personal tastes and lifestyle, the unique characteristics of your building site and your overall budget. Here’s how:

Taste & Lifestyle

As part of our discovery process, we learn as much as we can about you and what you want and need in a new home. We’ll ask you hundreds of questions to ensure that we deliver what you really want – right down to the smallest detail. Doing this will make you think of all the things you actually want in your new home – the features, the unique touches that make it your own and the small things that will give you joy for years to come. We want you to move into your new home and never have an “Oh; I wish we had asked for this or that” moment. We make the process of working through hundreds of design considerations as painless as possible.

Unique Building Site

There are dozens of factors regarding the building site that should be taken into consideration. Obvious things such as the size, grade, access, view, and adjacent properties will all impact the design of your new home. Before we begin to design your home, we’ll do a comprehensive analysis of your building site so that we can create a design that is in harmony with the location. If you haven’t already purchased a building site, we can help you find one that can accommodate your future home.

Your Overall Budget

People often order plans or have a custom home designed only to discover that they simply can’t afford to build it. Okanagan Builders Group will work with you to design and price your home at every step of the way so that when it comes time to build it, there are no unpleasant surprises.

See what our clients say

Our client’s satisfaction is the measure of our success. Read what some of them have said in that regard.


From materials to textiles and architectural detailing, let us help you with the interior and exterior design.

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