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Ginette, our award winning designer, can help you with all of your decorating decisions, both inside and out.

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A New Home is a Blank Canvas

There’s more to decorating a home than just filling it with attractive pieces of furniture and colours. Decorating will significantly impact your comfort and overall sense of happiness, and it can help to create a harmonious living space that wraps you in a feeling of contentment in every room.

One of the beautiful things about having a home custom designed and built is the unlimited decorating choices that are available to you. It’s not cliché to think of your home as a blank canvas. An existing home limits your decorating options by what has come before you. Undoing everything that someone else has done can be very time consuming and expensive. Some design choices that are near and dear to your heart might not be practical or even possible.

A custom home allows you to make your own design choices, right down to the very smallest details. Your home becomes a perfect reflection of your personality, vision, and imagination. You have control over the most subtle design choices that can dramatically impact the overall visual and tactile statement your home makes. Whether your dream home is playful, traditional, conservative, avant-garde – or go ahead and break all the rules, a custom home builder can make it a reality.

Work with an Award Winning Designer

I believe that decorating shouldn’t just be limited to the interior of your home. A decorator has a vital role to play in creating an exterior that’s just as beautiful and inviting as the interior. To help bring your vision to life, I work closely with an award-winning designer. Ginette has won multiple awards from the CHBA (Canadian Home Builders Association) for her work with homeowners and builders. Unlike many designers whose primary focus is interiors, Ginette’s experience in new home construction enables her to make valuable exterior design contributions that will help you create a home that’s as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.

Have you ever been in a home that took your breath away? I want to help create that home for you.

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