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from me, Roland Blaise

No one can get really good at what they do if they don’t love what they do. And no one can love what they do if they’re not really good at it.

I don’t just like what I do; I love what I do. So I am pretty good at it.

— Roland Blaise


Helping people build their dream home is what we love to do – and have been doing for over 25 years. We are as much about building strong relationships as we are about building quality homes. When designing a custom home, we must learn all that we can about our clients: their likes and dislikes, family, passions, pets, and priorities. The better we understand our clients, the better we can work with them to create something uniquely special.

Constantly striving to raise the bar of excellence, we understand that consumer expectations are higher and that builders must be much better educated and more conscientious than ever before. We incorporate the latest advances in computer design technology, including 3D, to enable our clients to see exactly how their new home will look when complete.

We build easy to maintain homes that not only retain their value much longer, but are also comfortable to live in, with considerably lower operating costs.

We believe that the Okanagan is the best place to live on earth. We would love to help you build your own special space in this beautiful corner of the world.


years building dream homes

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